Triple Bottom Line. Fish Friendly Farming. Social Sustainability. The three “E’s” (or three “P’s”) of Sustainability. These terms and countless others are part of the regular vocabulary of our staff, farmers and sustainability partners here in Sonoma County. We are fluent in the “language” of sustainability and we are used to seeing it in practice in our vineyards and community. When we travel though, we often find that journalists, influencers and even sommeliers and members of the wine trade are always eager to learn more. While we always try to bring sustainable practices and the people behind them to life while we are on the road, we are aware that there is no substitution for a trip to Sonoma County where you can see these practices for yourself, meet our local farmers and taste our wonderful, diverse wines in the place where they are grown.

With this in mind, we hosted our very first Sustainability Camp in late April. Nine lifestyle writers from around the U.S. joined us for a three-day, two-night immersive experience into the world of sustainability in Sonoma County. Not only did we visit sustainable vineyards and wineries including Silver Oak, Amista, Pedroncelli, La Crema and Medlock Ames, but we toured employee housing, volunteered with local non-profit Farm to Pantry in “gleaning” (picking the second crop of vegetables that have been picked over in order to use them or donate them to a food bank – we did both). Of course, we also sent our campers out in pick-up trucks with several of our local growers for “Tailgate Talks,” a private vineyard tour and behind-the-scenes look at a local family farming business.

Stories written by our sustainable campers have already appeared on Matador Network, Just Luxe, Upscale Living Magazine, The Zoe Report and several other outlets with more coverage expected over the coming months. Please make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter in order to get all the updates on great stories coming from our media efforts!