Business Practices

Under the business practices umbrella are sections with the rules, laws and regulations governing agriculture today. In addition, there will be miscellaneous business topics pertaining to the business of grape growing.

Throughout the year, the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission presents meetings and seminars on a variety of topics with expert and professional presenters. Often times, the presenters will allow their materials and presentations to be shared with our growers. These will be listed under the closest heading. New presentations and links will be added from time-to-time.

Grape Crush Report

Published annually by the State Department of Food and Agriculture, phone (916) 498-5177 to order. The final grape report includes all grape tonnage crushed and purchased, including prices, during the previous year. The Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner also prepares an annual Crop Report on the agricultural products of Sonoma County by category and variety.