Learn About Climate Friendly Farming Among the Vines in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is leading the world in sustainability and regenerative farming. Follow along as our winegrape growers share their stories and how they are making agriculture part of the climate solution.

Learn about Sonoma County Winegrowers and their exclusive pilot partnership with the California Land Stewardship Institute.

In this episode we explore how Sunnyview Vineyard is leading the way with climate farming practices in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County, CA. This site is also a demonstration vineyard and recipient of a California Department of Food & Agriculture healthy soils grant.

Episode 2- Sei Querce Vineyards

Explore Sei Querce Vineyards in the heart of the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, CA.

This episode focuses on climate farming practices that involve vineyards and natural habitats. This 515-acre property with only 70 acres of vineyard is a shining example of how farmers can be leaders in sequestering carbon.

Episode 3 – Rio Lago Ranch & Vineyards

The Rio Lago Ranch and Vineyard in Alexander Valley encompasses 225 acres along the Russian River and includes rolling hills with beautiful oaks.

The Horowitz Family manages the property with practices that are economically viable to produce winegrapes while also protecting natural areas and generating much of their own power. In this episode we meet 2 generations of the family who are concerned about climate issues and doing many things to reduce their GHG emissions and sequester carbon on their ranch.

The Serres Family Ranch encompasses 200 acres along Sonoma Creek in the center of the beautiful Sonoma Valley and has been managed by the Serres Family for three generations.

In this episode we hear from the youngest generation and their commitment to the Climate Adaptation Certification program and managing their farm for environmental conservation and economic benefit.

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