Sign up for Ford Pro™Telematics for any truck, make, or model and the Winegrowers Commission will cover the costs through April 30, 2023 (on a single vehicle)*

– Spend less time managing your fleet and more time running your farming business
– Improve asset utilization with GPS Tracking and geofencing
– Optimize running costs by monitoring fuel consumption/identifying waste
– Maximize uptime with service reminders/Vehicle Health
– Alerts that allow you to plan ahead
– Advance driving behavior with reports on safety belt use, speeding, harsh acceleration/braking and excessive idling

Interested? Click here to connect with Ford Pro™* | Passcode is Sonoma22
Deadline to submit is 6/30/2022

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Want to Learn More About Telematics?

Join us for a webinar hosted by Ford Pro.
Wednesday, May 4th | 8:30am
Via Zoom