Custom Crush Facilities

Members of Sonoma County Winegrowers who have registered with our website have listed custom crush facilities on this page. If you happen to be looking for equipment and services, check out our Equipment and Services listings.

This list is provided on an informational basis only and is not an endorsement by the Commission of any particular facility or custom crushing in general. Winegrape producers engaging in custom crush activities should be aware of the following provision from the Commission’s Assessment Collection Procedures (a complete copy of the Procedures can be obtained by contacting the Commission office):

“Custom crush: When a producer delivers winegrapes to a vintner for “custom crushing”, but retains title to the winegrapes and resulting winegrape product, the vintner must report the custom crush activity to the Commission but shall not be required to remit an assessment to the Commission if the producer has not been paid for the winegrapes or resulting winegrape product. The producer shall pay the assessment for the custom crushed grapes based on the gross dollar value of the sale, less the cost of crushing and storage, of the winegrape product resulting from the custom crush at the time it is sold (the assessment may be deducted and remitted by the purchaser). If the vintner takes title to the winegrapes and resulting winegrape product, then the vintner should deduct the assessment prior to paying the producer. Assessments deducted are payable to the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission within 30 days of the winegrape product sale.”

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