Sustainable Vineyards & Wineries Honor Roll

Sonoma County Winegrowers would like to recognize our grape growers and wineries who have participated in our sustainability program by assessing their vineyards or receiving third party certification from California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), Fish Friendly Farming, Lodi Rules, or Sustainable in Practice (SIP). Bolded items are certified.

Note: Vineyards below are listed by their vineyard name and/or the business entity name registered with our third party sustainability program partners. When searching for a specific vineyard, look for both the vineyard name and the business entity name. This honor roll list was compiled from information as of December 2017. Any assessments or certifications after December are not accounted for on this list. If your sustainable vineyard is not listed on this list, please contact SCW’s Director of Sustainability and Grower Education, Dana Cappelloni

Bold listings are certified, while non-bold listings are assessed.

Certified Vineyards

12 Moons

32 Winds Vineyard

7th St. Diserens

A. Rafanelli Vineyards

Abbe Ranch

Acorn Winery: Alegria Vineyard

Advanced Viticulture Inc


Akerlind WDC Ranch

Alana Vineyard

Alberigi Vineyards


Allied Developments/Kountz

Alta Vista Vineyards



Andrew’s Vineyard


Aquarius Ranch


Arista Vineyard

Armagh Vineyard



ASERN Family Vineyard

Atwood Ranch

Aubert Vineyards

Baer Vineyards

Baker Vineyards

Bald Mountain Ranch


Balletto Vineyards & Winery

Balletto: BCD Farms

Balletto: Beck

Balletto: Bravo Toro

Balletto: Hazel’s Vineyard

Balletto: Ketelsen

Balletto: Lennox

Balletto: Mill Station

Balletto: Mary’s Block

Balletto: Peletti

Balletto: Pierre’s Vineyard

Balletto: Piner Road

Balletto: Stony Point



Banti Vineyards



Barrow Vineyards

Bartolomei Vineyard

Bastoni Vineyards

Bateman Vineyard

Battle Family Vineyards

Batto Fruit Company

Batto Vineyards




Bella Vita Vineyard

Belle Terre Ranch


Bellisimo Ranch

Beltane Ranch

Benefi el Vineyard

Bennett Bench Vineyards

Bennett Valley Ranch

Benovia Winery

Benziger Estate Winery

Beringer – Asti Ranch

Beringer Vineyards: Foote Ranch

Beringer Vineyards: Knights Valley Ranch

Beringer Vineyards: La Petite Etoile

Bevill Family Trust: Black Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Borri North Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Borri South Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Hall Road Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Keegan Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: MacDonald Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Schneider Ranch

Bevill Family Trust: Viognier Ranch

Bevill Vineyard Management

Bialla Vineyards

Bianchi Vineyard

Big River Vineyards

Birdland Vineyard

Black Emerald Vineyard

Black Horse Vineyards

Bloomfield Ranch

Boarsview Vineyards

Bob’s Ranch

Boisset: DeLoach Estate

Boland Vineyard

Borcher Vineyard

Borg Vineyard

Bowland Vineyard Management

Braccialini Chandler Ranch

Braccialini Vineyard

Brereton Family Vineyard

Brown Forman Wines

Bush Crispo Vineyards

Butler & Slazinski: Anacleto Vineyard

Cakebread Cellars


Carlisle-Carlisle Vineyard




Cathrine Bonneau Vineyard


CD Ranches: Lavell Vineyards

CDB Winery

Centurion Vineyards

Changler Vineyard

Chateau St. Jean Winery

Chelli Vineyard

Chenoweth Vineyard Management

Chrome Iron


Cleary Vineyard

Clendenen Vineyard Management

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Botticelli

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Brooks & Vann

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Cambell McKinney

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Clendenen Home Ranch

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Deodora

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Everest

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Geyserville Investments

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Grist

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Hill

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Long North & South

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Madden Vineyard

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Malloy

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Mills

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Nimble Vineyards

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Noble Family Vineyards

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Norris

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Pate

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Peterson

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Redwood Glen

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Ru’s Farm

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Saggio Hills

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Shippey

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Silver

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Stanley

Clendenen Vineyard Management: Strickland

Clendenen Vineyard Management: White

Clos du Bois Vineyard

Cloud 9, Cloud 9


Cohn Vineyard

Cole Creek Vineyard

Colibri Vineyard

Comstock Vineyard

Comstock Wines

Cochere Vineyard

Confidant Vineyard

Constellation Brands: Alexander Valley Floor Vineyard

Constellation Brands: Alexander ValleyHillside Vineyard

Constellation Wines US

Cook Vineyard Management


Cornell Vineyards

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Betty Ann Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Castro Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Chute

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Ewald Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Fox Den Vineyards

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Ivywood

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: John Tracy Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Joy Road Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: KSG Vineyard; Goodin Vineyard

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: La Porte

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Lakeview

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Mes Files

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: O’Connor

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Parson’s Homegrown

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Sundawg Ridge Vineyards

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Vine Hill

Cornerstone Certified Vineyards: Wild Rose

Coster Family Vineyard

Covey Oak




Cutrer Vineyards

D&L Carinalli Vineyards and Winery

Dairyman Vineyard

Dalton Vineyard

Darden Vineyard

Davero Sonoma, Inc

David Demostene Ranch

Davidson Vineyard

Davitto Vineyard

Dawson Ranch

Daylight Vineyard Management



Del Rio Ranch


Dempel Farming Co.

Dempster Vineyard

Deridere Aper Vinea


Dexter Vineyard



Dirt Farmer & Co.

Dirt Farmer: Acreage Capital

Dirt Farmer: Amaro

Dirt Farmer: Avril/ Gelfand

Dirt Farmer: Benguerel

Dirt Farmer: Berlin

Dirt Farmer: BR Cohn

Dirt Farmer: Camporelli

Dirt Farmer: Freemon

Dirt Farmer: Geib Ranch

Dirt Farmer: GreggGarious

Dirt Farmer: Hershberg

Dirt Farmer: Hickerson

Dirt Farmer: Hower (It’s A Jungle Out There)

Dirt Farmer: Knox

Dirt Farmer: Leff/ Mapel

Dirt Farmer: Moresco

Dirt Farmer: Morning Sun

Dirt Farmer: Pinsof

Dirt Farmer: Quarryhill

Dirt Farmer: Roush

Dirt Farmer: Shaikh

Dirt Farmer: Seidell (Herbitage)

Dirt Farmer: Smoke

Dirt Farmer: Swayne Family Ranch, LLC

Dirt Farmer: Van Loben Sels

Dirt Farmer: Vesom

Dirt Farmer: Viansa

Dirt Farmer: Wildwood

Doc’s Ranch

Domain Carneros: Champ Cal (Pompadour)

Domain Carneros: Smith Vineyard

Domaine Carneros

Domaine Chandon: Carneros North

Domaine Chandon: Carneros South Ranch

Dow Vineyard

Draxton Vineyards

Dry Creek Vineyard 10

Dry Creek Vineyard 2,3,6 and 7

Dry Creek Vineyard 8

Dry Creek Vineyard 9

Dry Creek Vineyards


Duckhorn Wine Company: Ridgeline Vineyard

Duckhorn Wine Company: Runnin Creek Vineyard


DuMol Winery and Vineyard

DuMOL Vineyards: North

DuMOL Vineyards: Oconn

Dunbar Vineyards

Durell Vineyard

Duryee Vineyard


Dutton Ranch Corporation

Dutton: Abel’s

Dutton: Barcaglia Lane Vineyard

Dutton: Barron Vineyard

Dutton: Bello

Dutton: Braughton Vineyard

Dutton: Bush Vineyard

Dutton: Campbell Vineyard

Dutton: Cleary Vineyard

Dutton: Cohen Vineyard

Dutton: Coon Vineyard

Dutton: Gail Ann Vineyard

Dutton: Gamlen Vineyard

Dutton: George Jewell Vineyard

Dutton: Gerboth Vineyard

Dutton: Germone Road

Dutton: Goff Vineyard

Dutton: Gravenstein hwy Vineyard

Dutton: Green Valley Road Vineyard

Dutton: Gregori Vineyard

Dutton: Hallberg Vineyard

Dutton: Hansen Vineyard

Dutton: Hill Vineyard

Dutton: House Block Vineyard

Dutton: J. Gregori Vineyard

Dutton: JAS Vineyard

Dutton: Jentoft Vineyard

Dutton: Jewell Vineyard

Dutton: JJJS Sullivan Vineyard

Dutton: John Gregori

Dutton: Lorenzo Vineyard

Dutton: M. Gregori

Dutton: Manzana Vineyard

Dutton: Martens Vineyard

Dutton: Marty’s #1 Vineyard

Dutton: Marty’s #2 Vineyard

Dutton: Mengle Vineyard

Dutton: Mill Station Vineyard

Dutton: Miller Vineyard

Dutton: Morrelli Lane Vineyard

Dutton: Mrs. George Vineyard

Dutton: Palms Vineyard

Dutton: Perry Vineyard

Dutton: Ross Vineyard

Dutton: Sebastopol Vineyards

Dutton: Shop Vineyard

Dutton: Silva Bros. Vineyard

Dutton: SMJ Vineyard

Dutton: Stuppin Vineyard

Dutton: Sullivan Vineyard

Dutton: Sunnyview

Dutton: Sylvia Vineyard

Dutton: Tennant Vineyard

Dutton: Teresa Miller Vineyard

Dutton: Thomas Rd Vineyard

Dutton: Triple-JS Vineyard

Dutton: Walker Hill Vineyard

Dutton: Widdoes Vineyard

Dutton: Winkler Vineyard

Dutton: Zabelle Vineyard

E&J Gallo

E&J Gallo: Barrelli Creek Ranch

E&J Gallo: Central Sonoma County

E&J Gallo: Chiotti Ranch

E&J Gallo: Del Rio Ranch

E&J Gallo: Frei Ranch

E&J Gallo: Laguna North

E&J Gallo: MacMurray Ranch

E&J Gallo: Monte Rosso

E&J Gallo: Northern Sonoma County

E&J Gallo: Southern Sonoma County

E&J Gallo: Stefani

E&J Gallo: Twin Valley Ranch

E&J Gallo: Two Rock Ranch

Eagan Vineyards


Eco Terreno

Ellis Alden Vineyards

Elsbree Vineyard

Estate Vineyard: Reserve Vineyard

ETSEC Vineyards


Fanucchi Vineyards

Farina Vineyard

Ferguson Vineyards

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Anderson

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Beckman

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Bevis

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Carinali

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Estate

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Fitchenberg

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Foster

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Keegan

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Lower Hocking Ranch

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Magnolia Ranch

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Michael

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Prati

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Sonoma Highway

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Stand

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Stang Ranch

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Storey Creek

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Upper Hocking Ranch

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery: Vintners Inn

Fichtenberg Vineyards

Fisher Vineyards: Mountain Estate

Flax Vineyard

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Francis Ford Coppola: Estate Vineyard

Francis Ford Coppola: Fox Barn Vineyards

Freeman Vineyard and Winery

Frei Rd Vineyard


Frick Winery

Friedman Vineyard

Fritz Winery and Vineyards

Frogmore Farm


Galante Russian River Vineyard

Gantz Family Vineyards

Gap’s Crown Vineyard

Garibaldi Vineyard

Germone Hill Vineyard

Geyser Peak Winery: Ascentia Vineyard

Geyser Peak Winery: BHR: Hoffman, Brownell & Rose

Giovanetti Vineyard

Giusso Vineyard

Glen Oaks

GlenLyon Vineyards and Winery

Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards

Goepfrich Winery

Goldrock Ridge Vineyard

Gould Family Vineyards

Grace Ranch Vineyard

Grace Vineyard Management

Grace Vineyard Management: Bacchi

Grace Vineyard Management: Browne

Grace Vineyard Management: Calluna Vineyards

Grace Vineyard Management: Francis

Grace Vineyard Management: Harrick

Grace Vineyard Management: Harris

Grace Vineyard Management: Hill

Grace Vineyard Management: Hoppe Kelley Vineyard

Grace Vineyard Management: J Fisher

Grace Vineyard Management: Ketcham

Grace Vineyard Management: Medieros

Grace Vineyard Management: Mullen

Grace Vineyard Management: Nelson

Grace Vineyard Management: Nervo

Grace Vineyard Management: Olson Vineyard

Grace Vineyard Management: Prati Home Ranch

Grace Vineyard Management: Simoneau

Grace Vineyard Management: Stevens

Grace Vineyard Management: Vinehill Vineyards

Grace Vineyard Management: Williamson

Grace Vineyard Management: Windsor Creek Vineyard

Gramm Vineyards

Green Pastures Vineyard

Green Valley Ranch



Griffin’s Lair Vineyards


Gundlach Bundschu Rhinefarm Vineyards

Gunsalus Vineyard

Gustafson Estate Vineyard

Hafner Vineyard

Haire Management Co. LLC

Halberg Vineyard

Hall Wines LLC

Halling Vineyard

Hamel Family Ranch

Handal Vineyard

Hanna Winery Vineyards

Hanna: Alexander Valley

Hanna: Occidental

Hanna: Slusser

Hart / Arbor Bench



Henstooth Vineyard

Hervey Vineyard

Hess Collection

Hilltop Ranch

Hi-Vista Vineyards

HKG Estate Wines Hop Kiln Vineyard


Hoffman Ranch


Home Ranch

Hood Ranch

Hook and Ladder: Orsi

Hook and Ladder: Winery

Hoot Owl Vineyard

Hootowl Creek & Alexander Valley

Hop Kiln Vineyards

Horn Vineyard


Hyde (Sonoma Stage)



Indian Springs Ranch Vineyard

Ivy Glen Vineyard

J2 Estate Vineyards

J Rickards Vineyard and Winery

J Vineyards and Winery

J Winery: Bow Tie

J Winery: Estate

J Winery: Nicole’s

J Winery: Stornetta

J Winery: William Wesley

J. Rickards Vineyards

Jack London Vineyard

Jackson Family Wines: All Sonoma County Vineyards

Jackson Ranch

James Family Vineyards

Jemrose Vineyards

Jensen Ranch

Jim Anderson

Jimtown Ranch Vineyards

Joe’s Place Vineyard

Jones Vineyard

Jordan Vineyard and Winery

Joseph Swan Vineyards

Judge Family Vineyard

Justi Creek Vineyards



Keller Estate

Kelli Anne

Kenwood Vineyards

Keresey Vineyards

Kick Ranch

Kilkullen Family Vineyard

Killen Lease

KL Barr Vineyards

Knights Bridge


Kopriva Wines: Cassidy Ranch

Korbel Champagne Cellars

Korbel Champagne Cellars: Barlows Vineyard

Korbel Champagne Cellars: Sonoma Vineyards

Kozlowski Family Vineyard

Kryzaowski Vineyard

Kuimelis Vineyards

Kunde Family Estates

La Cienega Vineyard

La Porte Cochere Vineyard

La Prenda Vineyards Management


Lambert Bridge Winery

Lancaster Estate

Las Brisas Vineyard

Lawer Vineyard

Lazy W


Ledbetter SWG Holdings: Piccolo Ranch

Lentz Ranch

Leveroni Vineyards

Lily Hill Vineyards

Lindley Lease

Lisa’s Vineyard

Little Vineyards

Lloyd Vineyard Management: Branham Rockpile Vineyard

Lme Pine

Loma del Sol Vineyards

Lone Redwood Ranch

Lone Star

Love Vineyards

Lytton Rancheria Vineyards

M-G Vineyard

MacLeod Family Vineyard

MacRostie Winery and Vineyards

Madrone Maddux Estate

Madrone Vineyard Management

Madrone Vineyard: Ross

Magnolia Ranch Vineyard

Marcucci Farms – Home Ranch: Marshas Vineyard

Marimar Torres Estate

Marshall Vineyard

Marta Ella Vineyard

Martin Ray Winery: Home Ranch

Martin Ray: Laguna

Martin Vineyard

Martinelli Vineyard Management: Russian River Vineyards

Martinelli Vineyards & Winery

Martinelli: Sonoma Coast Vineyards

Massoni Ranch

Massoni Ranch: Gagilardo

Massoni Ranch: Leffler


Mauritson Family Vineyards: Sonoma County Vineyards

Mauritson Family Vineyards: Treborce

McDougle Vineyards


Medinger Vineyard

Melim Maacama Creek Vineyards: Villa Aix


Merry Edwards Vineyards

Merry Edwards Winery: Cresta de Oro and Patterson

Merry Edwards Winery: Edwards Coop

Merry Edwards Winery: Edwards-Hicks

Merry Edwards Winery: Georganne

Merry Edwards Winery: Maefield

Merry Edwards Winery: Meredith

Merry Edwards Winery: Rich Haven

Merry Edwards Winery: Sanchetti

Michael Schlumberger Winery: Home Ranch

Mil Vistas Vineyard

Mill Creek Vineyard


Miller Creek

Miller Vineyard

Millstation Vineyard

Milvistas (Lynch)

Mitchell Vineyard LLC

Monson Vineyard

Montecillo Vineyards

Moran Manor


Munselle Vineyards

Munselle Vineyards: Bard Vineyard

Munselle Vineyards: Cadd Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Coin Flip

Munselle Vineyards: Farrow Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Hocking Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Joseph Family Vineyards

Munselle Vineyards: Mazzoni Vineyards

Munselle Vineyards: North River Vineyards

Munselle Vineyards: Oakridge Vineyards

Munselle Vineyards: Osborn Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Red Fox Vineyard

Munselle Vineyards: River Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: “W” Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Wasson Home Ranch

Munselle Vineyards: Wilson Road Ranch

Murray Farm

Murray Vineyard

Napoli Vineyards

Nathanson Creek Vineyard

Newman Vineyard Ranch #1

Newman Vineyard Ranch #2

Newman Vineyards

Newsome Family Vineyards

Nicholson Ranch Winery

The Nine’s Vineyard


Nolan Vineyards


North Coast Vineyard Management

North Pacific Vineyard Management

North Pacific Vineyard Management: BenettBench Vineyards

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Beeson

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Bierbaum

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Bocage

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Clajeux

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Hummingbird

North Pacific Vineyard Management: KOA

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Mark Farmer

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Mendelsohn

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Nelson

North Pacific Vineyard Management: R Bar N

North Pacific Vineyard Management: Taylor

North Pacific Vineyard Management: VanAlyea

North Pacific Vineyard Mangement: Oddone Vineyard

Nunez Vineyard Management

Nunez Vineyard Management: Brown

Nunez Vineyard Management: Bruce

Nunez Vineyard Management: Dawson

Nunez Vineyard Management: Dellar

Nunez Vineyard Management: Engel

Nunez Vineyard Management: Fieldsa

Nunez Vineyard Management: Haddad

Nunez Vineyard Management: Igra

Nunez Vineyard Management: Knight

Nunez Vineyard Management: Kortz

Nunez Vineyard Management: Marymor

Nunez Vineyard Management: Mudroglu

Nunez Vineyard Management: Pacquet

Nunez Vineyard Management: Prior

Nunez Vineyard Management: Richards Vineyards

Nunez Vineyard Management: Roberts

Nunez Vineyard Management: Sarlo

Nunez Vineyard Management: Snow

Nunez Vineyard Management: Teran

Nunez Vineyard Management: Williamson

Nun’s Canyon Vineyard

Oak Meadows

Oat Valley Vineyards

Oehlman Ranch & Vineyard

Oehlman Vineyard

Oliver Vineyards

Olson Vineyard

One Sky Vineyard

Orsi #1 Vineyard

Orsi #2 Vineyard

Orsi Vineyards

Orsi Vineyards Eastside Rd

Pahlmeyer Vineyards

Palms Vineyard


Paradise Ridge Winery

Parr Vineyards

Pasatiempo Vineyard

Patin Vineyard Management

Patz & Hall

Paul Every

Paul Hobbs Winery


Peay Vineyards

Pedroncelli Vineyards: Briggs

Pedroncelli Winery and Vineyards

Peline Vineyards

Pelkan Ranch

Pelkan Ranch & Vineyard


Pellini Vineyard


Peter Michael Winery: Seaview Vineyard

Peter Michael: Knight’s Valley Estate

Piccetti Vineyard

Pickberry Vineyards

Pina Vineyard Management

Placek AK

Placek DC

Pleasant Hill Vineyard


Poppy Hill Vineyard

Porro Vineyard

Porte Cochere Vineyard

Pratt Family Vineyard

Preston Vineyards

Price Family Vineyards

Puccioni Ranch

Puma Springs Vineyards

Puma Springs Vineyard

Purple Wine and Spirits

Putnam Vineyards

Quail Hill Vineyrds / Lynmar Estate: Adams Vineyard

Quivira Vineyards and Winery

R.F.S. Vineyards

Rams Gate Winery

Rancho Salina

Ravenswood Winery: Barricia

Ravenswood: Gehricke

Rawah Vineyards

Red Star Vineyards

Redwood Empire Vineyard Management

Redwood Hill Vineyards

Redwood Ranch & Vineyards

Reedy: Del Rio & River Dale Vineyard

Renteria Vineyard Management

Renteria Calesa

RERV Davitto


Reuling Vineyard



Reynoso Vineyards

Riddle Vineyards

Ridge Vineyards: Fredson Ranch

Ridge Vineyards: Lytton Estate East

Ridge Vineyards: Lytton West Vineyard

Ridge Vineyards: Whitton Ranch

Rio Lago Ranch & Vineyard

Rising Star Vineyards

River East

Roan Vineyard

Robert Young Vineyards

Robledo Vineyards: Bentree

Roche Winery: Bonness Road

Roche Winery: PNA Vineyard

Rocky Hill Enterprise

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Alexander’s

Crown & Charolotte’s Home

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Brothers Vineyard

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Bud’s Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Bynum Vineyard: Front Gate & Backbone

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Chalk Hill Vineyard

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Cooley Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Foothill Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Hubbard Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Jane’s Vineyard

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Pine Flat Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: River East

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Rockaway Ranch

Rodney Strong Vineyards: Sleepy Hollow Ranch

Ron Rubin Winery: River Road Vineyard

Ross Station Vineyards

Rossi Ranch

Rotlisberger Ranch

Rudd Vineyards

Rued Vineyard

Russian Hill Wine Estates

Ruxton Vineyards

S/J Vineyards

Safford Vineyard


Salem Vineyards

Sanchietti Farming, Inc

Sanchietti Green Valley

Sanchietti Guiseppe

Sanchietti Nonella Chard

Sanchietti Pleasant Hill Vineyard

Sanchietti Ranch

Sanchietti Sundance Ranch

Sanchietti Two Brothers

Sanchietti Two Dryers Vineyard

Sangiacamo Family Vineyards

Santo Giordano

Sapphire Canyon

Sasson Vineyard

Schug Winery

Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard

Seghesio Family Vineyards

Seghesio Family Vineyards: Ellis Ranch

Seghesio Family Vineyards: Home Ranch

Seghesio Family Vineyards: Keyhole

Seghesio Family Vineyards: Parker

Seghesio Family Vineyards: San Lorenzo Ranch

Seghesio Vineyards: River Road

Sei Querce Vineyards

Serres Ranch

Sevas Vineyard



Shone Farm Vineyard

Siebert: Alton Lane

Siebert: Old Redwood Hwy Vineyard

Siebert: Sonoma Mountain Road Vineyard


Silver Oak Cellars

Silver Oak Cellars: Alexander Valley Estate Winery

Silver Oak Cellars: AV 128

Silver Oak Cellars: Sausal Creek Vineyard

Silver Oaks Cellars: AV Estate

Silver Oaks Cellars: Miraval

Silver Oak: Red Tail Ranch

Silverwood Ranch

Simi: Del Rio

Simi: Encinos

Simi: Goldfields

Simi: Landslide Vineyard

Simi: Los Amigos

Simi: Red Fan

Simoncini Vineyard

Simpatico Vineyard

Sink Vineyard

Skinner Vineyard

Smith Vineyard

Soda Rock

Somer Grant Vineyards

Somers HSK Vineyards

Somers Vineyard Management

Sonoma Ag Art: Caties Corner

Sonoma Ag Art: Coffey Lane Vineyard

Sonoma Ag Art: Matthews Station Sonoma Foothills

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Estate Vineyard

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Kent

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Les Pierres Vineyard

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Owsley Vineyard

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Shiloh

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards: Vine Hill

Sonoma Mountain Vineyard

Spring Hill Ranch and Vineyard

Springhill Vineyard

St. Francis Winery

St. Francis: Behler Vineyard

St. Francis: Lagomarsino Vineyard

St. Francis: Wild Oak Vineyard

Stamos Vineyard

Starlite Vineyards

Starr Creek Vineyard



Stetson-Greene Vineyards


Stiling Vineyards

Stoetz Vineyard

Stornetta: La Terre Promise Vineyard


Stuhlmuller Vineyards

Summa Vineyards

Summer Home Park

Sunbreak Vineyard Services

Sundance Ranch


Syar Family Vineyards

Tanya’s Vineyard


Taylor Lane

T-Bar-T Ranch


The Murray Farm

Theriot Vineyards

Thompson Vineyard

Thorton Ranch

Three Sticks Winery

Tilton Head

Titus Vineyard

Toboni Vineyard

Tognazzini Vineyard

Tran Vineyard

Trattore Vineyards

Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates: Asti

Treasury Wine Estates: Grace Benoist

Treasury Wine Estates: Knights Valley

Treehouse 1

Treehouse 2

Trenton Station Vineyard

Tri Valley Vineyard Management

Trinchero Family Estates: Cloverdale Ranch

Trinchero Family Estates: Crocker Road Ranch

Trinchero Family Estates: River Road Ranch

Trinity Ridge

Trueheart: Smith

Truett Hurst Winery: Home Ranch


Twin Hill

Two Brothers Vineyard

Two Brothers/Guiseppe Vineyards

Two Driers Vineyard

Twomey Cellars

Twomey West

Twomey: Marino

Twomey: West-Pin

Uboldi Vineyards

Uptick Russsian River


Valdez and Sons Vineyard Management

Valdez Vineyards

Valdez Vineyards: Shop


Vella Vineyard

Vena Vineyard

ViMark Vineyards

ViMark Vineyards: Cloverdale

ViMark Vineyards: Flatridge

ViMark Vineyards: Geyserville

ViMark Vineyards: Nervo

ViMark Vineyards: River Road

Vineburg Ranch

Vinedresser Vineyard Management

Vinedresser Vineyard Management: Confidant

Vinedresser Vineyard Management: Le Vois

Vinedresser Vineyard Management: Provisor

Vinedresser Vineyard Management: Walker Station

Vinedresser Vineyard Management: Westerhold

VinePro Vineyard Management: Gallaher

VinePro Vineyard Management: Grable

Vinepro Vineyard Management: Jade Mountain

VinePro Vineyard Management: Lakeview

VinePro Vineyard Management: Laverne

VinePro Vineyard Management: Lucky 21

VinePro Vineyard Management: Nineveh Vineyard

VinePro Vineyard Management: Poplar Vineyard

VinePro Vineyard Management: Rink

VinePro Vineyard Management: Schrader

VinePro Vineyard Management: Simpson Vineyard

VinePro Vineyard Management: Varenna

VinePro Vineyard Managemet: Trieb

Vineprod Flowers

Vino Farms, LLC

Vino Farms: Cameron

Vino Farms: Lambert

Vino Farms: Piccolo

Vino Farms: Preston

Vino Farms: River East

Vino Farms: Wasson

Virginia Dare Winery Rose Ranch

Virginia Dare Winery Walking Tree


Vogensen/Piccetti Vineyards

Walker Station

Walker Vineyard

Warm Springs Ranch

Warnecke Ranch & Vineyards

Wat Vineyard

Wayfarer Farms

Welch Vineyard Management

Wells/S&K Ranch

West Wines: Akerland DC

Westside Farms

Westside Lease Ranch

Westside Ranch



Wild Ridge

Wildcat Mountain Vineyards

William Gordon Winery: Perry

William Gordon Winery: Pesonen

William James Vineyard

Williams Selyem Estate

Williams Selyem: Drake Vineyard

Williams Seyluem: WS: Eastside Estate

Williams Selyem: Pebble Ridge Vineyards

Williams Vineyard

Williamson 2

Wilson Vineyards

Windsor Oaks Vineyards and Winery

Wine Creek Vineyard

Winery Vineyard

Winners Circle



Woods Alexis Vineyard

Woods Kay Vineyard

Woods North Vineyard


Wycoff Vineyard


Yoakim Ranch

Zichichi Family Vineyards and Wines

Zimmerman Vineyards

Assessed Vineyards

2 Limones

Abbondanza Vintners Square

Acure Estate

Adam and Eve Vineyard


Ahven Vineyard

Alden Park

Alexander Vineyard

Allied Grape Growers: Two Brothers

Alper Vineyard

Alta Vista

Amapola Creek

Anderson Estate

Annadel Estate Vineyards: Bordigioni Family


Art Paul Vineyard





Barba Vineyards

Bartholomew Park

Bavarion Lion



Beard Vineyard



Bella Sonoma


Berger/Oak Shade

Bill Foss

Billy Gregorio Vineyard

Birch Estate

Birdland Vineyards

Bisordi Ranch and Vineyard

Blakes Launch Vineyard


Blue Moon

Blye Rock Vineyard









Bucher Vineyard

Buck Hill Vineyard

Buena Tierra

Carlisle-Dos Acres


Cartan Vineyards


Cavedale Vineyard

Centurian Vineyards

Ceja Vineyards

Chalk Hill Winery Vineyard


Chandler Ranch

Char Vale

Charlie Smith

Chavoor Vineyard Services: Swicegood

Chemical Estates


Christopher Creek Winery


Clear View

Cline Cellars

Cline Cellars: Catapult Ranch

Cline Cellars: Diamond Pile Ranch

Cline Cellars: Eastside

Cline Cellars: Five Sisters Ranch

Cline Cellars: Westside

Coco Bean: Brown

Collier Vineyard


Coturri Estate

Coyote Crest Vineyard

Coyote Hill Vineyards

Coyote Ridge

Creeks End Vineyard – Downstream


Croft Vineyards

Cullinan Vineyard


Cuneo Wilson


Cut Root Vineyard

D&S Wilson

Dalton Vineyard

Dana Brock

David Bruce Winery: Twin Hill


Dayton Vineyards

De Burca Wines: Cooper’s Mill

De Burca Wines: Home Vineyard

De Coelo

DeMeo Vineyards

Denner Ranch

Dillworth Vineyards

Dirt Farmer: Tempesta

DNA Vineyards


Donum Estate Winery

Double T Ranch

Dr Smith

Drummond Pike

Dry Creek Bench Vineyard

Edward James Vineyard

El Molino

Emeritus Vineyards

Emeritus Vineyards: Hallberg Ranch

Emeritus Vineyards: Pinot Hill

Emmy Line

Enterprise Vineyard Management

Enzanauer Vineyard Management

Enzenauer: CK Vineyard

Enzanauer: Ed’s Ranch

Enzanauer: Hemar Road

Enzenauer: Gino’s Ranch

Enzenauer: La Promessa Ranch

Enzenauer: Maddocks Vineyard

Enzenauer: Watson Vineyard




Ewald Vineyard

F and L Rebottaro Ranch: River Rd. Ranch

Faloni Ranch


Flanagan Wine: 3 Starrs

Flanagan Wines: Flanagan Vineyard

Florence: Mark Zuckerman & Lori Hunt

Forchini Vineyards and Winery: Dry Creek

Bench Vineyard

Forchini Vineyards and Winery: Russian River

Terrace Vineyard


Four Seasons Vineyard Management

Frank Johnson-South

Frog Creek

Frostwatch Vineyards


Furlong Vineyards



Garrison Ranch

Gary Blasi

Gasparini/Beals Vineyard

GB Vineyards

GCM Vineyards



Goodkin Vineyards

Graham Family Vineyard


Green Acres

Greendale Vineyards

Greendale Vineyards: Phillips



Hanks Lease

Hansen Vineyard

Hastings Vineyard

Hawk Hill Vineyard

Hawk’s Roost Ranch #1

Hawk’s Roost Ranch #2

Hazerot Vineyards

Heirs Of My Dream

Heller Family Vineyards

Hemar Ranch



Herrick Vineyards

Hi Vista




Hogan’s Run Vineyard

Hopkins River Ranch

Hopland Pro



Hunter Farms Home Ranch


Iron Horse Ranch and Vineyards

Jack Hill

Jackson Park

Jenkins Ranch

Joe Benziger

John Somers Vineyard

Kamen Vineyards

Katherine Lindsay Vineyard

Kiger Family Vineyards

Kinley Drive

Kinsey Vineyard

Kitt Vineyards

Klopp Ranch

Knob Hill 12

Knob Hill 2743


Kosta Brown Keefer Ranch

K-Woods: Oddman Vineyards

La Cruz Vineyard at Keller Estate

Laguana Vineyard

Landmark Vineyards

Landy Family Vineyards

Lark Vineyard

Larson Family Winery


Laurel Glen Vineyard

Lazy A&C

Lazy M

Lazy P, K & G Ranches

Lew: Organic

Lew: Sustainable

Lew: Transitional

Liquid Sky

Little Boot

Lloyd Vineyard Management: Camelia

Lloyd Vineyard Management: Foote

Lone Redwood Ranch: MC Mullen

Long Redwood Ranch

Lookout Ridge

Los Alamos

Los Chamizal Vineyards

Lost Acres


Madden Vineyard: Madden Ranch





Mario Blasi Ranch






McCoy Vineyards



Medlock Ames Vineyards

Meola Vineyards



Mi Dulce Corazon Vineyard

Mill Creek Vineyards

Mizany Vineyard


Moon Mountain


Moore Vineyards


Morris Ranch Vineyards

Mounts Vineyard & Winery

Mt Olivet

Mtv Ranch

Msgr. Fahey Vineyard

Mulas Family Farms

Mulas Family Vineyards: Dairy

Murphy Ranch Vineyards


Napa Sonoma VineGroup: Meadowlark

Nelson Ranch

Nick Leras Vineyards

Nord Coast Vineyard Service


Norris Vineyard



Nunes Ranch

Nuns Canyon


Olivet Grange Vineyard

Olivet Vineyard



P. Schwab or Williams

Pagani Ranch

Passalacqua Vineyard

Pastori Winery


Paula O’connor

Pauls Vineyard



Petersen Land Management

Petersen Ranch School House Creek Vineyard

Peterson Vineyards: Fall Creek Vineyard


Phillips Mary-Paige

Piner Road Ranch

Platt Vineyard

Plum Ranch

Pony Ranch Vineyard

Ponzo Ranch LLC


Pratt Family Vineyard

Price Ranch


Raggio Trust

Rancho El Mar & Ranch Olives

Rancho Emilliano

Rancho Magay

Rancho Miguel: East Side

Rancho Miguel: West Side

Rancho Vineyards: Rancho Maria

Raymond Foppiano

REAM Meyer

REER Ellis Ranch


Remich Ridge

Ricci Vineyards RV1

Richard Dillworth Vineyards

Ricioli Bros.

Rist Vineyards

Rivers Edge

Robledo Vineyards: Cuttings

Robledo Vineyards: La Familia

Robledo Vineyards: Lantosca

Robledo Vineyards: Las Gallinas

Robledo Vineyards: Rancho Cuvare

Robledo Vineyards: Rancho Hermanos

Robledo Vineyards: Rancho Lazaro

Robledo Vineyards: Rancho Manzoni

Rocioli: Westside

Rocioli: Westside – Eastside

Rockin H Ranch


Roger Wishard Vineyard





Sable Ridge

Saitone Vineyard

Sanderson Ranch



Saver, Llc

Sceales Vineyard







Shea / Collins


Silver Cloud


Simon Hill House

Simons Valley House


Sinclair Ranch


Small Vine Viticulture

Sodini Vineyard

Somers Vineyard

Sonoma Creek Vineyards

Sonoma Creekland and Farm

Soracco Family Vineyards



St. Peters


Stone Edge Vineyards

Stone Ranch

Stone Vineyard


Sui Generis Vineyard





T&A Vineyards

Talawind Vineyard


Tambellini Vineyard



Teldeschi Ranch

Teldeschi Ranch #1

Teldeschi Ranch #2

Terra de Promissio

Terra Sonoma

The Hess Collection: Mardikian Vineyard

Timber Crest Farms & Peters Vineyards

Tolay Vista Vineyards



Trinite Estate


Twin Pines Ranch

Two Moon Vineyard

Tzabaco Ranch Vineyards

U7 Occidental

Unti #1

Unti #2

Unti #3

Upper Ridge

V. Buchignani Vineyard


Valley of The Moon


Viluko Vineyards

Vina Del Sol Adobe

Vina Del Sol Dalte

Vina Management Services

Vineyard Commons

Vineyard of Pasterick

Walker Station – Riel

Wallace Creek

Wallstrum Family Vineyards

Walsh Vineyard Management

Walsh: Rhinefarm

Warm Springs Ranch


White Dove

White Perry Vineyard

Wild Hog Vineyards

Wild Thyme

William Gordon Winery: Hill-McAweeney


Wilson Artisan Wines

Wilson Artisan Wines: Cloverdale

Wilson Artisan Wines: DeLorimier

Wilson Artisan Wines: Hales

Wilson Artisan Wines: Matrix

Wilson Artisan Wines: Mazzacco

Wilson Artisan Wines: Pezzi King

Wilson Artisan Wines: Sawyer

Wilson Artisan Wines: Silva

Wilson Artisan Wines: Smith Orchard

Wilson Artisan Wines: Warm Springs Ranch


Wilson Artisan Wines: Wedding Cake

Windsor Creek Vineyard: Carr Enterprises

Wolf Run Vineyards


Woods Alexis

Woods North


Yellow Rose


Sustainable Wineries

Acorn Winery

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Asti Winery

Balletto Vineyards

Black Kite Winery

Blackstone Winery, Sonoma

Brown Forman Wines

Benziger Family Winery

C Donatiello Winery

Carneros Hills Winery

Carneros Wine Company

Cartograph Winery

Chateau St. Jean Winery

Christopher Creek Winery

Cinque Insieme Winery

Cline Cellars

Clos du Bois

Copain Winery

Cross Barn Winery

Donum Estate

Dry Creek Vineyard

Dutton Estate Winery

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

GlenLyon Winery

Gloria Ferrer Winery

Graton Winery

Hafner Vineyard

Hartford Winery

Heck Cellars Winery

Heirs Of My Dream Winery, Inc.

Imagery Estate Winery

J. Vineyards and Winery

J Pedroncelli Winery

Jackson Family Wines

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

Keller Estate Winery

Kendall-Jackson Winery

Kittyhawk Winery

Korbel Champagne Cellars

Kunde Family Winery

La Crema Winery

Lancaster Estate

Larson Family Winery

Laurel Glen Winery

MacRostie Winery and Vineyards

Marimar Torres Estate Vineyards and Winery


Martin Ray Winery

Martinelli Winery

Merry Edwards Winery

Murphy-Goode Winery

Notre Vue Winery

Paul Hobbs Winery

Punchdown Cellars

Purple Wine + Spirits

Ram’s Gate Winery

Ravenswood Winery

Rodney Strong Wine Estates

Ron Rubin Winery

Shone Farm Winery

Siduri Winery

Silver Oak Cellars – AV

Simi Winery

Sonoma-Cutrer Winery

Sonoma Winery

Split Creek Winery

St. Francis Winery and Vineyard

Stonestreet Winery

Three Sticks Winery LLC

Two Amigos Winery

Twomey Cellars

Valley of the Moon Winery at Madrone Estate

Verite Winery

Vinwood Winery

Virginia Dare Winery and Vineyards

William Gordon Winery

Windsor Oaks Vineyards