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Welcome to Sonoma County, where we grow over 66 different varieties of grapes, we aren’t afraid to get our boots dirty and when we farm, we farm sustainably. 

In 2014, the winegrowers in Sonoma County made a collective commitment to making sure every vineyard in Sonoma County was certified sustainable. Our community of winegrowers here in Sonoma County banned together and today, over 99% of vineyards in Sonoma County hold a sustainability certification from a third-party auditor. Congratulations to all the winegrowers, wineries and sustainability partners who believed in this commitment and worked together to make this unprecedented milestone possible. This initiative has put Sonoma County on the global map as leaders in sustainability

Sonoma County Sustainable Logo​​

Drink Sustainable! We all want to make responsible decisions about which brands we choose, and wine should be no exception, but how do you know if a wine is grown using sustainable practices? 

Since almost all vineyards in Sonoma County have been certified, you can rest assured that the vast majority of wines that come from Sonoma County will come from certified sustainable vineyards, which means the farmers made conscious decisions to follow best practices to care for their land, the people who work there and to make responsible decisions in their business. 

If you still aren’t sure, just look for the round seal that says “Sonoma County Sustainably Farmed Grapes.”

What does it mean?

In order to be considered a “Sonoma County Sustainable Vineyard” a winegrower must have that vineyard first assessed and then certified sustainable by one of four California sustainability programs, vetted by Sonoma County Winegrowers. 

Each of these programs has very strict standards and must include a “triple-bottom line” approach to sustainability. This means the program must measure the grape-growers commitment to being socially responsible – in how they work with their employees, neighbors and community, environmentally conscientious with their farming and winery practices and economically viable as a business. The winegrower must also create an annual farming plan for each vineyard that includes a focus on continuous improvement to ensure sustainable practices continue to evolve each year. 

Annual Sustainability Reports

Read all about it! For the past five years, Sonoma County Winegrowers has released a full sustainability report at the end of the year. Read past reports and learn more about how the winegrowers in Sonoma County have committed to their land and communities in big ways!  

Sustainability Certification For Vineyards

Want more information? Visit our full website to learn more about sustainability, the programs our farmers follow and how they get their vineyards certified sustainable. Click here to learn more!