We Are a

From borrowing tractors and collaborating on wine projects to volunteering at our local non-profits, Sonoma County’s wine community is a tight-knit bunch. We like to give back and we like to get together…always over a glass of great wine.

Sonoma County is home to over 1,800 winegrape growers, many from multi-generational families who have been farming here for centuries. That makes for long-standing relationships and a community that cares about it’s land, businesses and people.

Winegrape growers volunteer approx. 12,830 hours per year 74% of winegrape farming businesses donate to charitable causes
Our Organization

We Are Educators

Sonoma County Winegrowers was established by local winegrowing families to nurture and protect sustainable agriculture for future generations. In order to achieve this goal, we educate. Here at home, we provide educational resources to local winegrowers in the form of expert panels and grower education meetings which connect the winegrowing community and allow agricultural best practices to continue to thrive in the region.

Of course, we also love to educate wine lovers everywhere about the diverse, sustainable and unique wines of Sonoma County.

The Region

Sonoma County encompasses over 1 million acres of land, of which approx 60,000 acres are planted to vineyards. Within the county, there are 18 unique American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), each with their own terrior, family histories and distinct wines. Use this map to explore the region and click on the different AVAs to learn more about what makes each of them special.


We Are Families

85% of Sonoma County’s vineyards are family owned and operated. Some of these families have been farming in the region for decades or even centuries. Some found their way to Sonoma County for a love of the land. Read on to learn more about the wonderful people who call these ranches, vineyards and wineries home!

George Martinelli

Glenn Proctor

Mark Sanchietti

The Sangiacomo Family

Taylor Serres

Bret Munselle

Duff Bevill

Kevin and Linda Barr

Brad Petersen

John and Terri Balletto

Jim Pratt

Tony Bugica

Our Board of Directors

The Sonoma County Winegrowers is fortunate to have some of Sonoma County’s leading winegrowers on our Board of Directors.

2021/2022 Commissioners
  • Mark Sanchietti (Chairman)
  • Marissa Ledbetter Foster (Vice Chair)
  • Mark Orsi
  • Tyler Klick
  • Joe Dutton
  • Ray Johnson (Public Member at Large)
  • Chris Crispo
  • Bret Munselle (Treasurer)
  • Brad Petersen
  • Steve Sangiacomo (Secretary)
  • Taylor Serres
Commissioner Alternates
  • Mary Calla Rowan
  • Domenic Carinalli
  • Anna Darden
  • Kris Hicks
  • George Martinelli
  • Whitney Hopkins
  • JW Reynoso
  • Richard Schaefers
  • Jamie Lowe