Off the Vine: Show #4 – November 4, 2014

This week Karissa is joined in studio by three of the country’s top sommeliers, including Allegra Angelo of San Francisco’s AQ Restaurant, Wanda Cole of Chicago’s Salpicon Restaurant, and Renee-Nicole Kubin of Los Angeles’ Nikita.

All three were in town as part of our Sonoma Summit program (in partnership with Sonoma County Vintners) that brings in the country’s top sommeliers, wine buyers and other influencers, for a three day intensive on our vineyards, wineries, and wines.  During the program, each sommelier talked about their background, what makes Sonoma County special, and what they’ve learned from their time in Sonoma County. They also tasted through a range of Chardonnays from across Sonoma County and discussed why this varietal is still important to consumers and what differentiates the region from others when it comes to growing and producing distinctive Chardonnays.

They also talked about the importance of sustainability in their restaurants and the growing demand from consumers.

Allegra Angelo, Wanda Cole, Renee-Nicole, Karissa Kruse, Jaxon