Sonoma Index-Tribune: Water Into Wine, How Vintners Conserve H20

SCW Commisson Board member and Sonoma County grower Steve Sangiacomo of Sangiacomo Family Vineyards sat down with Sonoma Index-Tribune to discuss the efforts being made by growers to manage and conserve water use in our region. Water management and conservation isn’t taken lightly as the Sangiacomo family explains, it is a part of the viticulture process and traditinal vineyard management. 

Local grape growers, especially those with a sustainability focus, haven’t just started paying attention to water use, says Steve Sangiacomo, one of two third-generation brothers (and a sister, Mia Pucci) running Sangiacomo Family Vineyards south of Sonoma.

“Sonoma County winegrowers have been leading the charge from an education standpoint,” he said, “doing a lot of education seminars even before the drought, to limit the use of water.”

The recent attention paid to the state’s diminishing water resources has focused attention on the high amount of water used in agriculture. Some claim that up to 80 percent of the state’s water is going to irrigate farmlands of one sort or another, though others point out that doesn’t include the half of the water in environmental use – that portion in lakes, rivers and streams not allocated for human use…

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