Sonoma Discoveries: Wine Chat with Robert LaVine

In early September the Sonoma County Winegrowers' Sustainability Manager Robert LaVine sat down with Sonoma Discoveries to discuss the vision, leadership and commitment around our initiative to be the first 100% Sustainable Winegrowing region in the United States by 2019. Take a look at what Robert had to say. 

Why do you believe Sonoma County grape growers are well equipped to achieve the goal of being the nation’s first 100 percent-sustainable wine-growing region in the next five years?

Okay, how do I answer this without sounding like the high school football coach talking to the kids before the big game about focus, desire and drive?  Because, you know … the way forward is all about focus, desire and drive.  Sonoma County Winegrowers are ready to play … so game on!…



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