Smarter Travel: Love Wine? Sonoma’s Grape Camp is Your Dream Vacation

Every year during harvest the SCW hosts Sonoma County Grape Camp, the ultimate Wine & Food Experience in the heart of Sonoma County. Consumers come from all over the United States and Canada to immerse themselves in all Sonoma County has to offer. Grape Campers experience the behind the scenes of harvest and learn – grape to glass – what it takes to produce world class wines. 

During the harvest, Sonoma is a universe unto itself. The sweet aroma of grapes swirls in September’s warm air. Under stars and into the early-morning light, grapes are picked – one bucket at a time – among the vines in the county’s 60,000 acres of fields. People are exhausted but giddy, remembering anew why they’ve made a life around the sweet juice of this small fruit…


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