Journal Sentinel: A Lesson In Sonoma Pinot Noirs

In early March the SCW traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to host Sonoma in the City, featuring a seminar on Pinot Noir. Read Anne Schramburg’s article on the Sonoma in the City experience, and her take aways from the tasting. Anne gives regard to notable Pinot Noir growers and producers Anne Keller of Keller Estate and Martinelli Winery.

It was a cold welcome for the people from Sonoma County who arrived last week on a day when the temperature didn’t get above 15 degrees. “We’re not used to this weather,” shivered Evan Goldstein, the master sommelier who was the presenter for “Sonoma in the City,” which featured the tasting and discussion of 12 premium Pinot Noirs from Sonoma County…The trade-only event in Milwaukee was held at Bacchus, 925 E. Wells St., and attended by about 35 people. The experts from the left coast, who also paid a visit to Chicago, included winemakers, winery representatives and folks from Sonoma County Winegrowers, among others…

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