Sonoma County Harvest Update – Season Kicks Into High Gear

Published on September 20, 2013

Santa Rosa, CA – Sonoma County’s 2013 harvest season has seen a flurry of activity both in the vineyards and wineries these past few weeks as grapes have ripened at the optimal pace due to moderate temperatures that have allowed phenolic maturity to catch up with Brix levels. Reports throughout the county show most fruit is being picked, on average, 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule with winegrowers and winemakers pleased with quality and flavors, with some calling it “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “spectacular,” “inspiring,” and “excellent.”

To date, Sonoma County has harvested between 30%-40% of the total crop, with winegrowers and winemakers anticipating the fast pace to continue over the next three to four weeks to ensure all fruit left on the vines is picked before the arrival of cooler temperatures or rain this fall.