New Western Weather Group Technology and Features for Growers

Published on May 15, 2015

Western Weather Group (WWG) is excited to announce the launch of its NEW Real-time Interactive Weather Station Network Map. This map shows the most recent data collected from WWG-operated weather stations as you would see it on a more traditional weather map.

Features include:

  • A user-friendly way to view all the data retrieved from weather stations in a spatial (or geographical) perspective.
  • Data displayed on a Google map using wind barbs and current temperature as a default setting.
  • Option to select other displayable parameters such as minimum/maximum temperatures since midnight, current wind or wind gust, precipitation, current dew points and relative humidity.
  • Ability to view specific weather station data or to access its 7 day weather summary.
  • Ability to access the map through your WWG hosted website.

WWG also announces its NEW Heat Alarm Station, configured to address the environmental risk factors for heat illness prevention.

Features include:

  • Pre-configured and programmed for easy field installation.
  • Wireless, solar powered stations that communicate via cellular modem.
  • Web accessible data using the WWG Monitoring and Alert System, where users are able to access near real-time data on a phone App, set alarms and notifications.
  • The alert system will notify you to high risk situations when working under heat conditions, but also will be able to send you frost alarms during the springtime.
  • Mountable system

For more information on WWG please visit To register for the WWG Monitoring and Alert System contact Western Weather at [email protected].