Important Grapevine Red Blotch Meeting, January 8

Published on January 5, 2013

Rhonda Smith, UCCE Viticulture Advisor, has organized a meeting on Tuesday, January 8, to discuss Grapevine Red Blotch. Three professors from UC Davis will be speaking.

This topic is so important that all growers, industry members and the public are encouraged to attend. There is no charge.

The meeting topic is grapevine viruses and one presentation will specifically focus on the recently discovered disease known as “grapevine red blotch”.

Grapevine red blotch was first observed in red varieties in 2009. It causes leaf blades to become red in early fall, and although the symptoms are different than those caused by grapevine leafroll disease, the similarity may have caused a delay in recognizing the new disease. This year, the virus associated with grapevine red blotch has been isolated from white varieties.

The disease results in a significant delay in sugar accumulation – up to 5 °Brix. The virus has been detected in samples collected from symptomatic vines in the north coast and other California growing regions.
The meeting announcement is attached.

For more information contact Rhonda Smith at 707-565-2621 or [email protected]

Virus Update Meeting Announcement (Jan 2013)