Free ESL Classes Begin January 14

Published on January 3, 2013

The Santa Rosa Junior College offers non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in different Sonoma County locations. The Spring Semester begins January 14 and goes through May 16 for non-credit 700 series ESL classes. Non-credit (NC) classes are FREE and generally do not require homework.

Anyone can attend these non-credit classes, regardless of document status. Regular attendance is encouraged but attendance policies are more flexible in all NC classes except Intensive (4 days/week) classes. These classes parallel the 300 series classes in their ability to move students from Spanish Literacy  to 12th grade level in English—students can enter at ANY literacy or education level in their native language (if it is Spanish*). All speakers (over 18 years old) of other native languages may also attend. 

Workers or Employers who are interested in classes should sign up now by contacting Ruth Stadnik at: (707) 433-6125 or (707) 486-1699 (cell) or [email protected] The website for the ESL classes is, Go to: Schedules and Catalogs, Schedule of Classes, Spring 2013 Interactive search version, click Text View, select English-as-a-Second Language and scroll down to 700 series of classes for non-credit.

Credit classes are also available in the 300 series January 14-May 23, 2013. These classes cost the usual SRJC Fees and usually have homework requirements and high attendance requirements.

Ruth Stadnik is a grape grower who is also a Non-Credit ESL Instructor for SRJC in Healdsburg. She will help you select the correct class for your workers and help you make arrangements for completing SRJC Applications and Registration for your workers. If your workers have attended SRJC classes before, they should have their SRJC Student ID # and PIN code available.