“Off the Vine” Radio Podcast with Sonoma County Winegrowers

Steve Jaxon and Karissa Kruse at KSRO

The Sonoma County Winegrowers have a radio show on KSRO Radio’s the Drive with Steve Jaxon called “Off the Vine.” The show is broadcasted every other Tuesday from 4:20–5:00 PM.

Tune in to hear our President Karissa Kruse, and special guests, discuss sustainable winegrowing in Sonoma County. During each show, Karissa will discuss what’s new at the Sonoma County Winegrowers, seasonal updates from the vineyards, and explain what it takes to grow grapes sustainably. The show will also feature winegrowers, winemakers, AVA representatives, and other community leaders talking about why Sonoma County is such a special place to grow wine grapes.

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Tuning into the live show

  • Radio: In Sonoma County, move your dial to 1350 AM or 103.5 FM.
  • Online: To listen via web browser click here.

Upcoming episode dates: TBD

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