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Western Weather Group Launches New Platform for Weather Data and Monitoring

Western Weather Group is excited to announce the launch of its new weather forecasting & data platform built on the Microsoft Cloud. This updated platform will provide a variety of new ways to view and manage weather station data and information, as well as manage alerts and alarms. With this upgrade, data can be collected and displayed more quickly than the previous platform allowing more rapid updates to online data views once data is collected. The platform is also much more resilient and reliable compared to the old platform. In addition, it will act as the main website for accessing weather forecasts and weather information. Users can then generate custom reports from one, or multiple weather stations across Sonoma County at a time, and display these reports in a variety of formats.

For weather station owners, each user will have an account with a default “dashboard” for viewing their weather data. Users will also be able to create their own customized “dashboard” by adding data views such as saved reports that show current or historical weather conditions, weather data graphs and any website links that they view on regular basis. As a result of this customization, each individual user will be able to view the specific weather data and weather information that they want to see immediately upon logging in. We believe this will make for a more interactive and useful experience.

Click here to view Sonoma County weather data.


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