Labor issues are one of the biggest concerns for growers of all sizes. Maintaining a stable workforce, securing labor as needed and staying in compliance with a wide variety of regulatory rules and laws are all critical to being a vineyard employer. The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission seeks to provide helpful and important information wherever possible.

In the field of agricultural labor, Michael Saqui of The Saqui Law Group, Counselors to Management, is our leading expert. He provides valuable legal information to Sonoma County Winegrape Commission growers. Growers are invited to contact The Saqui Law Group to be put on a list to receive eblasts and updates. Some business information is needed to verify grower status.

New as of December 31, 2015 and attached below is Saqui’s AB1513 Compliance Deadline Checklist. This list will help you to timely evaluate your options with regard to the AB 1513 safe harbor provisions and ensure that you timely and legally comply with the payment requirements regarding nonproductive time. Please note that this Checklist is for planning purposes only and is not intended to include all critical deadlines or a schedule that will work for your specific seasonal business needs.

Do not hesitate to contact The Saqui Law Group or the Sonoma County Winegrowers for further information and guidance.

Michael Saqui of The Saqui Law Group, Counselors to Management presented information at our Smart Grower Seminar about Legislative Changes for 2014: Wage and Hour Trends; Immigration Trends; National Labor Board and Union Trends and Common Questions and Answers. Click here to view his PowerPoint Presentation