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Tanuda Ridge Vineyard is 3400 vines, produces 4-5 tons and is located near Occidental 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean in West Sonoma County’s Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley AVAs.   Our mission is to produce premium fruit and our grapes have produced a Harvest Fair Gold Medal winner.  The vineyard is farmed sustainably with a California Sustainability Winegrowing Program participation and has a dedicated wildlife habitat for deer, wild turkeys, owls and foxes.  Pinot Noir clones of 115 and Swan are grown on 101-14 and Riparia Gloria rootstock.  Our mission is to produce premium fruit.

Location: Located on Tanuda Ridge, the vineyard varies in elevation 650 t0 700 feet above sea level and is 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Trellis System: Tanuda Ridge Vineyard’s vines are cordon and spur configured with limited spurs and canes to ensure premium fruit.  Vine spacing is 4’ by 7’ and canopy management is handled using a vertical shoot positioning (VSP) trellis system.

 Farming: Our farming approach is to be economically and environmentally sustainable using best management and least invasive practices wherever applicable. . We work with consultants for integrated pest management (IPM) and a professional vineyard manager to identify vineyard needs.

.Soils: The soils are Goldridge and West Sebastopol loam. The soil profile varies across the vineyard with black loam and rocky/clay structures. Based on regular soil, petiole and leaf analysis, amendments are added to the soil as needed.


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Russian River Valley

Grape Variety:
Pinot Noir


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Soil Type:
Goldridge+Sebastopol Loam


Slight slope and hillside

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Vineyard Manager/Company:
Mike Rossman+Scott Zeller

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