Sonoma Mountain Award Winning Syrah

Offering sustainably grown Syrah grapes for sale coming this fall 2020

Grown on the eastern slope of Sonoma Mountain, where morning fog and cool evening air moderate the warm summer days allowing a longer ripening period. The mountain’s volcanic soil adds character, depth and complexity to the terroir.The fully vine-ripened fruit flavors are intense, with a full-bodied character.

The wine is deep succulent and concentrated with richly layered fruit flavors, abundant mid-palate sensations and a lingering finish.

We have been awarded with Best of Class for our 2012 Syrah and many other awards from previous vintages.

Grown without pesticides, herbicides, or Round-Up.

For more details and pricing per ton please contact Sarah Ashton.


Contact Information

Name:- Sarah Ashton

Phone Number:- 510-388-9453

Email Address:- [email protected]

Listing Details

  • Vineyard:
  • Grape Variety: Syrah
  • Year Planted: 2000
  • Soil Type: Fine Grain Red Volcanic
  • Topography: 1%-8%
  • Vineyard Manager/Company:
  • Sample Available: yes
  • AVA: sonoma mountain
  • Tons: 2-3
  • Clone:
  • Spacing: 8 x 8
  • Trellis Type: Vertical - Cordon
  • Vineyard Sustainability Certification:
  • Willing to sell to home winemakers: yes