Bennett Valley Pinot Noir at 970ft Elevation

Steve Berlin’s extreme attention to detail and pride for quality craftsmanship in stone, block, and brick masonry has given him the opportunity to create prestigious spaces for some of the most respected wineries in Northern California. So, it was no surprise when his work extended beyond masonry to the artisanship of his personal vineyard.

Applying the same level of excellence in the vineyard, Berlin Vineyard Pinot Noir is a true expression of the terroir. Set at 970 feet in elevation and positioned at the tail end of the Petaluma Gap’s coastal marine influence, the vineyard is graced with the ocean’s fog blanket that rolls in early morning, followed by full sun and heat, before eventually giving way to late afternoon cool breezes that lower vineyard temperatures drastically.

A lovely and unique micro-climate weather pattern that offers a rapid chilling of ripening fruit, helping to maintain refreshing levels of acidity in the grapes through maturity – while the long growing season helps maximize complexity and concentration in flavors. The end result is a distinguishable Pinot Noir with bright, fruity flavors, and aromas.

Clones: 828 (5 acres), 115 (2 acre), Pommard (2 acre)
Rootstock: 1014

Contact Information

Name:- Rachelle Mesheau

Phone Number:- 4154056072

Email Address:- [email protected]

Listing Details

  • Vineyard:
  • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Year Planted: 2008
  • Soil Type: clay/loam/sandy
  • Topography: 970ft elevation
  • Vineyard Manager/Company: Luis Miranda
  • Sample Available: yes
  • AVA: bennett valley
  • Tons: 25
  • Clone: 828
  • Spacing:
  • Trellis Type: Vertical
  • Vineyard Sustainability Certification:
  • Willing to sell to home winemakers: no