OMRI Listed Compost

**OMRI Listed for organic use**

Cold Creek Compost, Inc. Agrow-Blend compost is a high-quality soil amendment and fertilizer teeming with beneficial microorganisms essential for productive soil and healthy crops. Made with 1/3 chicken manure and 2/3 green, food, and other agricultural materials, Agrow-Blend compost spends three months above the required minimum temperature of 131 degrees. During that time, oxygen levels and temperatures are monitored and adjusted as needed to maintain maximum biological activity. This process ensures that Agrow-Blend compost is delivered to you free from viable weed seeds and pathogens. During the three month process, Cold Creek uses forced aeration to limit anaerobic conditions and maintain maximum biological activity. Following screening, Agrow-Blend is allowed to cure for several weeks resulting in a rich and diverse finished product.

Sold in bulk or 2-yard totes. Product samples are also available.

Contact Information

Name:- Alicia Russell

Phone Number:- 707-272-0062

Email Address:- [email protected]