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Deerfield specializes in small lots, or small batches of larger lots, so that protocols can be designed for the best wine. We are best know as expert blenders and finishers of wine, the last quarter mile. Small batches can allow you to use different yeasts and fermentation protocols on the same varietal in separate batches. Our wines are made with low histamines and low sulfites so people who are allergic to these things can drink wine without getting a headacre or an allergic reaction. We can use your protocols or ours, or develop new ones. We’ve been making wine for 40 years and not only know winemaking but how to start and run a wine business. We help with start ups also.

Make wine with articians and entreprenuers, as a craft and an art. Don’t make wine in a factory where you are the stepchild. Ask around, our reputatioin for great wine is well know. Contact Robert Rex for more details (

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