Back Roads and Back Stories

Follow Food & Wine Magazine’s Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle as he drives the back roads of Sonoma County to meet with winegrowers for a series of up close and personal interviews about the back stories of grape growing, sustainable farming, and the history of agriculture. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Back Roads & Back Stories — Day 2

“A Family That Grows Together: Steve Sangiacomo”

Join Ray as he visits with Steve Sangiacomo, a third generation farmer in Sonoma Valley. Hear Steve discuss his Italian family’s deep roots in Sonoma County dating back 80 years with an old fruit orchard that was eventually planted to winegrapes in 1969, and today it’s one of the most recognizable and sought after vineyard designates in the region. Steve shares stories of growing up on the farm and what it means to run the business alongside his brother and sister.

AVASonoma Valley

“A Grower’s Grower: Mike Rowan of Wine Creek Vineyards”

An elder statesmen for Sonoma County’s responsible wine farming movement, grape grower Mike Rowan has a passion for sustainability that comes, not from youthful trend-chasing, but decades of farming his small vineyard.

AVA: Rockpile & Dry Creek Valley

Back Roads & Back Stories — Day 1

“Farming For The Next 150 Years: Cameron & Clay Mauritson of Mauritson Wines”

Cameron and Clay Mauritson are the sixth generation of a family that has worked the same land since the 1860’s. Watch as they discuss their family’s history in sonoma county over the past 150 years and how that legacy has shaped farm today. Two brothers also share why rockpile ava is such a unique winegrowing region back story on vineyard blocks were named “cemetery” “jack’s cabin” “buck pasture.”

AVA: Rockpile & Dry Creek Valley

“The Land of Promise: Charles and Diana Karren of Terra De Promissio Vineyards”

Travel with Food & Wine Magazine’s Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle as he visits Charles and Diana Karren of Terra de Promissio Vineyard located in the Sonoma Coast appellation. Hear the Karren’s story of how they met and their incredible journey to find their “Land of Promise” and become grape growers in this illustrious winegrowing region. They share their vision for keeping this land in their family for generations to come.

AVA: Sonoma Coast

“Keepers of The Old Vines: Brad Petersen of Silver Oak Cellars & Bret Munselle of Munselle Family Vineyards”

Travel with Ray Isle as he visits an old vineyard in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley that was planted back in the 1880’s. Meet Bret Munselle,  a 5th generation grape grower who’s family planted the vineyard and Brad Petersen who is now farming it today for Silver Oak Cellars. Hear their stories of how this heritage vineyard has continued to flourish and maintain its deep roots for close to 140 years.

AVA: Alexander Valley