Ray Carlson and Associates Inc.

Ray Carlson and Associates Inc.

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Ray Carlson and Associates, Inc.
411 Russell Ave.
Santa Rosa
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(707) 528-7649
(707) 571-5541
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Professional Services
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Ray Carlson & Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1976 providing surveying, and since 2001 GIS services, for our clients. New aerial technology developments are in the works for 2016 and beyond. Winegrape Commission Members should know about our new service: As-built ranch-plans for succession planning (estate plans). 

Ray Carlson & Associates has been, and stays on the cutting edge of technology for years, to this end we host the northwest base station for California Surveying Drafting and Supplies’ VRS network which allows for us to use GPS survey grade equipment with cell phones for data collection. This provides a savings to our clients of about an hour per day of field crew time. 

We use a process of field to office to map with our data. This process uses point codes that the office software uses to draw the line work in AutoCad “3D.” We use electronic data collectors, field notes, and digital cameras for photos that collect data. 
Our office has in-house historical orthophotos and current aerials for site planning. We also have over 200 layers of data for sites to use through our GIS Department. 

We have built videos for marketing sites through realtor and winery web sites. This has included building 3D models for existing buildings within the videos. 

For Ray Carlson & Associates every project offers unique opportunities to use our skills to provide the best use of our knowledge and creativity to gather for design or evidence for recovery boundaries. 



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