USDA RMA Grant Grower Materials

USDA RMA Grant Grower Materials

Sonoma County winegrowers face risks in their vineyard operations for which they must be constantly vigilant. The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission's (SCWC) goal is to provide growers with educational opportunities to help growers continue to implement good farming practices and mitigate risks throughout their operation.

In September of 2014, SCWC was awarded a USDA Risk Management Agency Agreement. This Agreement, "Educating Growers to Mitigate Risk in Sonoma County Winegrape Production," provided funding to educate growers in the areas of pest management, water conservation, worker safety, and crop insurance.

In all, between November 2014 and August 2015, 27 meetings where held in conjunction with the Agreement. Along with the meetings, UC IPM Pest ID and Monitoring cards were purchased and handed out to growers as were vineyard equipment posters in Spanish to help growers better communicate with their workers.

Below are five videos created for use by the growers and available 24/7. The two safety videos are in Spanish with English subtitles or graphics. We encourage growers and vineyard managers to share these videos with their workers and provide the link for them to access from their mobile devices. To additionally expand the educational process, SCWC has attached the meeting notes from our April through July 2015 Grower IPM Meetings. These are found at the bottom of this page after the videos. 


Mitigating Pesticide Risks for Vineyard Applicators – Spanish with English Subtitles

This video, narrated in Spanish with English subtitles, is meant to educate growers and vineyard employees on areas to reduce risks of pesticide exposure for applicators. Attention to detail is provided regarding Personal Protective Equipment and the safe handling of materials. Proper mixing of materials provides increased efficacy of the product while reducing exposure.

Educators/Narrators: Robin Nicola and Nicol Cadet of Nicola Health & Safety, Inc.

Length: 9:24 minutes.


Mitigating Outdoor Risks for Vineyard Workers – Spanish with English/Spanish Text

There are many risks to be found in nature. This video, narrated in Spanish with English and Spanish text, is meant to educate growers and vineyard employees on how to stay safe while working outdoors. From ticks, snakes, wasps and poison oak to applying first aid correctly, this video is meant to be a basic, instructive reminder to be aware and to stay safe.

Educators/Narrators: Robin Nicola and Nicol Cadet of Nicola Health & Safety, Inc.

Length: 12:26 minutes.



Water Conservation and Vineyard Irrigation: Monitoring and Weather Tools

Sonoma County grape growers have been actively conserving water resources for many years. This video is meant to further educate growers on the different options to monitor the water needs and stress levels of the vine. Briefly discussed are visual indicators, moisture monitoring technology and the weather service tools provided to all Sonoma County and District 3 growers.

Educator/Narrator: Mark Greenspan Ph.D., CCA, CPAg, of Advanced Viticulture, Inc.

Length: 9:02 minutes.



Dead Arm Disease Management

The video on Dead Arm Disease (Eutypa) was created to help growers understand the disease and its effect on grape quality and production levels. Proper maintenance and management will help to reduce the use of pesticides while extending the productive life of the vine while saving financial resources.

Educator/Narrator: Laura Breyer, MS, PCA of Breyer's Vineyard IPM Service.

Length 8:52 minutes