Grower Programs Committee Meeting

The Grower Programs Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 3-5pm at the SCWC building located at 3637 Westwind Blvd., Santa Rosa.

The Grower Programs Committee combines the Sustainable Practices and Grower/Community Outreach committees into one. Within the Committee are two task forces which meet only as needed. Any grower wishing to serve on the Committee or task force is invited to call Nick or Karen.

1) Sustainable Practices Task Force oversees these programs: Integrated Pest Mgt Meetings; Organic Producers Group; Employee Development Program; PCA Breakfast Meetings; Code of Sustainability; Pruning Contests; and IPM/Organic Field Day.

2) Business Programs Task Force oversees: Owner & Vineyard Manager Seminars; Smart Marketer Seminars; Dollars & $ense; Small Grower & Winemaker meetings; and the summer Grower Seminar, Barbecue & Tradeshow.

Contact Nick Frey at 522-5861 or Karen Thomas at 522-5862 for information.