Don’t Miss a Once in a Lifetime Global Wine Conference Hosted In Sonoma County, Dec. 5-7

Don’t Miss a Once in a Lifetime Global Wine Conference Hosted In Sonoma County, Dec. 5-7

Join SCW at Wine Vision, December 5-7

Join the Sonoma County Winegrowers at Wine Vision, a global wine industry summit for c-level wine industry executives that will take place here in Sonoma County from December 5-7.  Since 2013 this conference has attracted more than 650 CEOs and senior level decision makers from close to 30 countries and a diverse audience representing key sectors and regions from across the wine industry.  This is the first time the conference has been hosted outside of Europe, and they chose Sonoma County because of our increased global leadership in sustainability.  In fact, Sonoma County Winegrowers were instrumental in helping bring this global conference into our backyard here in Sonoma County.  

As a benefit of our partnership with this conference, they are offering an exclusive 40% ($598 savings) discount to our grape growers, vintners, and other community members.  

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This major conference prides itself on helping "shape the wine industry's future."  From growth expectations across global wine markets and the irresistible rise of premium brands to the relentless pursuit of commercial advantage through disruptive new strategies, Wine Vision will shine a spotlight on what's hot and what's not and the drivers of future success.  The conference features more than 25 speakers - innovators, market-makers, strategists, pragmatists and thought leaders - who will challenge your thinking in an interactive program of talks, presentations, debates and round table discussions that will keep you engaged and involved. Click here to read the full program and agenda. 

Among the topics Wine Vision will address are:

• Global dynamics: A review of global trends and market shifts. We look at how consumer appetites are changing and how producers and retailers must adapt.
• Innovating for success: From ground breaking products to digital marketing and stand-out design. We assess progress in the relentless pursuit of commercial advantage through innovation.
• Sustainability: How can new science and traditional values meet to protect wine growing environments and underpin product quality? We explore innovation in Sonoma County and around the world.
• Future packaging: We go beyond the bottle and look at the latest innovations in wine packaging, and investigate the role of packaging and closures in maintaining wine quality.
• Retail insights: As relationships between producers and retailers evolve and transform, we examine new paradigms and the impact of digital sales.

In fact, SCW President Karissa Kruse is a featured speaker on Day 3 of the conference, presenting a talk called "Beyond the soil: Cultivating agricultural families in Sonoma County."   Karissa will speak about the current state of Agriculture, here at home in Sonoma County, but also throughout California.  Lack of immigration reform, prohibitive worker visa requirements and increased permanent residency have all generated a shrinking, aging workforce at a time when the industry's demand for skilled workers is at its highest. In January 2016 Sonoma County Winegrowers launched the Grape Growers Foundation, a program of healthcare, childcare, education and affordable housing initiatives aimed at making Sonoma the region of choice for agricultural workers and their families. Karissa will explain how Sonoma County is...

• Working with agricultural employees and their families to understand their challenges
• Convening over 50 organizations on collaborative solutions to meet those challenges
• Creating a process to support public/private initiatives
• Putting people first to advance Sonoma County's commitment to sustainability and its 100-year plan to preserve agriculture

Other speakers include: Lulie Halstead , CEO, Wine Intelligence, who will present "Exploding myths and exploring realities: The global future of wine;" Rob McMillan, Executive Vice President, Wine Division, Silicon Valley Bank, who will discuss "America rising: Growth expectations for America's wine market and the irresistible rise of premium brands;" Derek Scobie, Head of Global Content Solutions, YouTube at Google, who will present  "Vino video: Making mini-movies that win the attention of the wine loving world;" Stephanie Gallo, Vice President of Marketing, E. & J. Gallo Winery, speaking about "Democratising Wine: A steadfast vision in an evolving landscape;" and Hugh Reimers , President, Jackson Family Wines, who will discuss "A fistful of dirt: How respect for the land and its resources leads to cost efficient quality in California." 

The event will kick off on Monday, December 5 with an evening celebration of the repeal of Prohibition hosted at Francis Ford Coppola Winery.  There will also be several networking lunches and dinners hosted at local wineries, including Rodney Strong Vineyards, Kendall Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens, and MacMurray Ranch.  

We would also like to acknowledge our other partners who have been instrumental in hosting Wine Vision next month, including Sonoma County Tourism, Sonoma County Vintners, Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel, and Pure Luxury Transportation.