Wine and Grapes

Wine and Grapes

What are the unique elements that make up Sonoma County world-class wines?

The Place:

Sonoma County is a million acres (1,604 square miles) of valley floors, rolling hills and tree-lined mountain sides -- each a wonderful place for growing winegrapes of superior quality and character.

The Heritage:

It is the birthplace of northern California viticulture with several generations of families committed to its land and sustaining it for future generations. Sonoma County is the perfect marriage of family, growing conditions and innovation for producing exceptional winegrapes and wines.

The Soil:

Sonoma County has more soil types than France that range from rich and loamy to volcanic and well-drained. They provide the natural chemistry for growing a variety of top winegrapes.

The Climate:

The long, dry and sunny summer days with cool nights, ocean breezes and fog, produce the ideal conditions for growing winegrapes.

The Spirit:

Finally, what makes Sonoma County so special is the spirit of the people and care and attention that is given to each vine. This carries over to the wines where patience and balance are reflected in the wines. It is the perfect team of passionate growers and winemakers (see the Wine-Grape Chronicles on this site to learn more).